Not how he died, not what he died of, even less why he died, are of concern, to me, only the fact that he did die, he is dead, is important: the loss to me, to us.

- B. S. Johnson, from The Unfortunates (via the-final-sentence)
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Be careful because Cambodia is the most dangerous place you will ever visit. You will fall in love with it, and eventually, it will break your heart.


Joseph Mussomeli-while ambassador to Cambodia

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South Dakota State University graduate journalism student Melisa Goss will examine human trafficking in Cambodia, writing victims’ stories as well as documenting the methods used to acquire slaves and current efforts to prevent this exploitation. Goss has a Bachelor of Arts in theology and philosophy from the University of Sioux Falls and has written freelance pieces for The Christian Century, Throne Publishing and BizNOW magazine. She has also spent time in South Korea.

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